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Custom website design and development:
Jeff McCormack - Web site designer and developer at JHM Designs I have been designing and developing custom-made, individually-created websites since 1996.  I do not use templates or software to program and develop websites. Instead, my individualized, hand-crafted approach ensures that your website has a unique identity that meets your goals and accurately reflects your mission. This hands-on approach produces uncluttered, well-documented programming code, faster web page-loading times, and easier access for search-engines which can result in a higher site ranking. If you need a professional to create your site, I can provide you with a choice of affordable options that helps you stay within budget.  Though I have designed large e-commerce and U.S. government websites over 150 web pages, I most enjoy developing or upgrading small websites for individuals and small businesses. My clients like my attention to detail, ease of site navigation, and use of custom design and color.  When working with clients, I start the process with a detailed seven-page questionnaire, followed by an interview to determine client needs and goals. There is no cost for the interview if I subsequently design and develop your website.  I view website development as an interactive process, an approach that allows the client to review the progress through all stages of development. This approach helps ensure that the client is satisfied with the finished product.

Webmastering and training:
If you already have a website, I can maintain and update it for you, or if you prefer, I can train you to maintain your own website.  I can teach you how to make basic text and image changes to your site at whatever level you prefer.  Several of my clients now successfully maintain their own websites by making basic changes to text, links, and images. Though I offer this service, many clients do not have the desire, skill, or time to maintain their own websites.  Instead they prefer to focus their energy on what they do best so that they spend their time in the most cost-effective manner. 

Site makeover and upgrades:
Does your site have a stale look? Is it out of style? Does it no longer serve your purpose? Is the navigation unintuitive? Do you want to convert it from frames so that viewers can more easily bookmark your pages or so that search engines can more easily index the site content? Or do you just want to freshen it up and give it a new look? I can give your site new life and new vitality. 

I have over thirty-five years experience creating and building two successful mail-order/web-based businesses.  If you also have a mail-order catalog, I can assist with pre-press preparation and locating a printer suitable for your budget.  Assistance can also be provided to create many types of documents ranging from books, academic papers, business and contract proposals, technical documents, marketing documents, development of web content.  View a partial list.

I specialize in nature photography and in photo restoration.  If you have a particular need in this area please contact me for stock photos suitable for your website, publication, or other application.  Do you have some old family photos that have been discolored or scratched? In many cases I can restore these look to look new. 

Graphic design and illustration:
Do you need a logo for your business, or graphics or illustrations for your website or publication? I can develop designs or illustrations that reflect the nature of your business or organization. 

Computer consulting:
I can also provide basic computer consulting services in your home (for Windows-based computers) in the Charlottesville area.  Services include software installation and training, computer setup, and troubleshooting. If I feel that you need assistance that requires a specialist for your computer, I will be happy to make recommendations. 

Business consulting:
With over twenty-seven years of business experience in five different businesses I can assist you with business start-up, transfer of ownership, customer service, marketing, pricing strategies, web development, and operations management.  I have assisted with the successful sale of two businesses with gross revenues in the six figure range.  In addition I have successfully sold two e-commerce business that I founded and developed, one with gross revenues in the six-figure range, and another in the five-figure range. Need help selling your business? Only one in three businesses are sold successfully.  I can help you develop a prospectus to present to clients so that your business has a much better chance of being sold successfully, and can also assist with transfer of ownership. 

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